Change of Plan


There is something to be said for unexpected changes to plans. Today, a wet and miserable Sunday, two events were cancelled, which was a bit of a pain given that I got up at 6.30am to get school work out of the way! Especially galling after an amazing Hen Party celebrating Emily and Nick’s impending nuptuals (which my spell check informs me is no longer a word).

Anyway,  I found myself twiddling my thumbs whilst reflecting (gloating? moi?) on a recent competition prize – could I possibly be about to call myself a published writer? Given the aforementioned ‘up at t’crack of dawn to do work stuff’, I decided to make a list of all my publishing successes (and otherwise) to date. Whilst nothing will ever top the prize awarded the very first time my writing went nationwide, you never know – I might yet be able to add a neat little side earner to my old age.

Writing submissions

And just in case you were wondering (are you there, Laura and Paulette?), here is my ode to David …

What would I do to be your special friend?

My list of things would never end.

I’d climb a mountain,

Jump a gorge,

A picture paint,

A treasure forge,

Bugger, I’ve forgotten the rest.

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One Response to Change of Plan

  1. Paulette morris says:

    Insightful as always 🤗 Xxx


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