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Young Deb

A few years ago one of my sons stated (which he now strongly denies – but trust me, no one makes up memories such as this) that when I die he intends to burn all my diaries; his argument was … Continue reading

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There’s statistics …

Slightly unnerving to read that on 5th March 2017 one person read 51 of my blogs. Not sure what unsettles me most: a) having written that many in the first place b) that just one person (UK based) has the … Continue reading

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Change of Plan

There is something to be said for unexpected changes to plans. Today, a wet and miserable Sunday, two events were cancelled, which was a bit of a pain given that I got up at 6.30am to get school work out … Continue reading

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Template for a London overnighter

Sometimes an ill wind leads to a fresh way of thinking. Ever since moving to Hag Hill Rise I’ve always thought the best way of getting into London involves a leisurely stroll to Taplow station, a train into Paddington and … Continue reading

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Feminism circa 2000

Feminism – does it still exist? Now, she says rubbing her hands with glee, a topic that I (along with at least 50% of the population) am extremely well qualified to discuss. Actually, I am probably even more qualified than … Continue reading

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Sex and Skips

  Another tale of dysfunctional family life, circa the millennium … I remember when Joe asked a relatively basic question about the birds and the bees which launched me off into a full overblown discussion which was only missing the … Continue reading

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Snowdonia, 1997

Once your children have left home, it is all too easy to remember their childhood as a time when all was perfect, days tinged with a rosy glow. Then you find an old diary entry… We had a good holiday … Continue reading

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