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Do we measure our value as parents by the quality of adults we create? A recently published book reviewed in this week’s Guardian might well be worth a read (‘The Gardener and the Carpenter’ by Alison Gopnik). If and when … Continue reading

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Easy Protein Balls – There’s a Hazelnut in every bite.

Originally posted on Running, Photos and Nutrition:
This really is the easiest recipe for making protein balls  There’s literally no cooking or baking involved. All you need is a blender or juicer and a fridge, oh and half a dozen…

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My Leaving Words for the Class of 2016…

Originally posted on Headsmart…….Reflections of a Headteacher:
Every year I have begun writing something new for our year 6 Leaver’s Service.  What I write usually has a theme that runs through it which has been prevalent throughout the year during…

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