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Change of Plan

There is something to be said for unexpected changes to plans. Today, a wet and miserable Sunday, two events were cancelled, which was a bit of a pain given that I got up at 6.30am to get school work out … Continue reading

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Wealth in Writing?

In a rare ‘flow of creativity’, I find myself considering Career Plan B. Soon to be famous winner of international writing competition. Successful novelist. Astounding travel journalist. Stunning short story contributor to women’s magazines. Guest speaker with the biggest tent … Continue reading

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Grammar versus Creativity

  Do (or is it ‘does’?) spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) destroy creativity? This debate is rarely far from the agenda in a typical primary school staff room. It’s an interesting question, which never sits easy with me, as I … Continue reading

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Burnt Confetti

After Fillip first found out, the angry words were flung back and forth, seasoned by the rancid taste of guilt and the pain of betrayal. Since their reconciliation, it had taken weeks of sleepless nights and deliberation before picking up … Continue reading

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Who shall I develop?

FutureLearn’s brilliant Open University creative writing course has been inspirational; a parallel career as a writer beckons! Shame it doesn’t pay… Anyway, I thought my legion of blog followers might like to vote on which character I should develop into a … Continue reading

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Exploring where best to write

Worst scenario for writing I once, briefly, belonged to a creative writing group. Boy, did that make me feel inadequate! We’d be given a prompt and a time limit, then everyone would start beavering away in their notebooks. Everyone except … Continue reading

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The Ladybird Book of the Broken Arm

  Breaking your arm is not a good idea, unless you want to be a Bone Doctor when you grow up. If you do, ask mummy or daddy if they will help you with a very special homework project that … Continue reading

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