Young Deb

A few years ago one of my sons stated (which he now strongly denies – but trust me, no one makes up memories such as this) that when I die he intends to burn all my diaries; his argument was that he didn’t want to risk reading something that he could have changed during my lifetime. Personally, I think this a bit extreme. What a waste of all my drivel! Since then I’ve tucked all diaries into a ‘chest’ and intend to label it, quite clearly, PUT IN LOFT. GIVE TO NEXT GENERATION TO READ. HISTORY.

In the meantime, I think it’s fair play to publish anything that was out there long before either of my boys were born. Particularly since The Past is Another Country. They do Things Differently There. (If anyone knows who is responsible for that quote, do feel free to comment below. Added bonus is that I then know someone has actually read this blog).

Deb approx 1979

Surely I’ve not been drinking?


18th Birthday party

I expect you’re wondering how my party went last Saturday? Well it seemed to me that it went very well. It was a right old rave up! An awful lot of booze was got through and everyone was really merry. People were leaping around doing the twist, the can can and knees up Mother Brown all at the same time – mad lot! There were at least 30 here and they didn’t leave ‘til about 1am. Several came from school, but most came from Marlow. As I’ve told you, I paired off with Pete again – most of the evening we were talking or leaping around with the rest, but we did get to the sofa for the last hour or so!


However, I think my social life is going to improve – Tina and I are going to join a Maths evening class as soon as poss …


I’m just living for the next party, when I intend to try out some of the so called ‘feminine wiles’, ie going outside ‘cos I feel faint, hopefully with you know who in hot pursuit! (wishful thinking).

I’ll try a bit more telepathy tonight, ie ‘ask me out’continually repeated ‘til I fall asleep (after about five minutes – beats counting sheep any day!)


Work is a laugh as usual – played hangman all afternoon and one of my normal fits of giggles. I’m beginning to think I really am going nuts – at 1am this morning leapt out of bed and sat in the pitch dark doing thigh reducing exercises! And then tonight I sat up attempting to brew up some sulphuric acid to clean my Maltese silver filigree rings with (I ended up using proper silver cleaner!).


Trouble is I don’t think dad approves of him in his denims and with his clapped out motor bike (the footbrake fell off the the way here!). I have a feeling dad’ll have a go at me tomorrow.


Everything is just great! I’m so high it’s not true – why? I’M IN LOVE! And I mean that truly and sincerely – so much so that it almost hurts. We see each other every night and Saturdays and Sundays and it just isn’t enough.

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4 Responses to Young Deb

  1. Paulette says:

    Knees up mother Brown?


  2. Anonymous says:

    So…….. is the person you were in love with your beloved?


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