He’s on the move …



Joe, our intrepid traveller, has decided to up root from Melbourne and go walkabout. Some of the earlier flights have already been booked, so this is a semi-draft itinerary – in the true nature of exploration, some destinations might change depending on where his free spirit takes him …


Tasmania             11th to 20th January

Uluru                    29th January to 1st February inc

Fiji                         8th February

Vanuatu               16th February

Brisbane              Some date later in Feb, can’t read my scribbles!

Sydney                 4th and 5th March, Mardi Gras

Asia                       20th March – Thailand, Maylasia, Vietnam – through April

If anyone fancies joining me for a reunion with the boy during the first two weeks of April, let me know!

Japan                    For a week. Why not?

Italy                      18th May (some family event …)

Europe                 Travels with his bro?

London                YAY! July (though free spirit is bound to get in the way somewhere…)

Joe is considering applying to the British Council to teach English as a foreign language overseas for one academic year from September – China being considered – application deadline is February and if successful, briefing/visa application takes place in London in July.

All in all, looks like 2017 will be a year to remember. The joys of youth!

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One Response to He’s on the move …

  1. Paulette morris says:

    All power to his elbow Deb. From experience I now realise that booked flights can be changed. Love the itinerary and hope you find a travel buddy for April 2017. So excited for you all Pxx


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