Exploring where best to write

Worst scenario for writing

I once, briefly, belonged to a creative writing group. Boy, did that make me feel inadequate! We’d be given a prompt and a time limit, then everyone would start beavering away in their notebooks. Everyone except me – they all seemed so competent and professional that invariably writer’s block descended like a black cloud. Though, ironically, once away from the group the ideas shared did inspire me onto greater things – within the solitude of my own space, that is.

Perfect scenario for writing


Perhaps a Writer’s Hut in the garden? If it was good enough for Roald …

It hasn’t happened yet, but one day it will! In my dreams it looks like this – I am alone in a cosy, comfortable Cornish cottage that I have rented for an extended amount of time (out of season) in a coastal village. I rise early, read something wonderful over a leisurely breakfast and gallons of filter coffee, before going for a stroll across a becalmed bay; negotiating  blustery cliffs; or perhaps ambling along the shore, dodging rock pools and ferocious white horses. A small dog at my side would be a bonus!

Camel Estuary

Camal Estuary

I return, of course, via the conveniently placed ‘top end’ delicatessen where I purchase healthy treats for supper, before sneaking an hour or so of their free wifi; indulging myself with coffee and their delicious home made cake – sat, of course, at my favourite table in the bay window. Then, perhaps, a little research at the library (this is a dream – hence the oxymoron of a ‘small village’ harbouring a deli and library!) before heading ‘home’ to my writer’s retreat. In the delicate light of an autumn afternoon, I settle down to write for three or four hours, before stoking the wood burner, pouring the wine and preparing that delicious supper.

Afterwards, as the sun sinks?

I might edit. Or I might not.



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