Some data on KS2 Writing Estimates

Not entirely surprised …

Ramblings of a Teacher

Following on from the work on the KS2 Sample Test results, I asked last week for people’s estimates (predictions?) for their outcomes on the new KS2 Writing Teacher Assessment framework in 2016.

The results have been … well, shall I say… erratic?

Data were shared by well over 200 schools, covering just short of 9000 children, which is a fantastic result. In fact, there were initially over 9000, but it turns out that teachers are not good at reading instructions. I had to delete some data that clearly made no sense (29 out of 17 children reaching expected standard?!) Then I had to correct some where people had clearly entered percentage values rather than pupil numbers.

Once I’d done that, from the data that remained, I could pick out the following details:

  • As a whole, the data set appeared to come from very slightly higher-attaining schools than national. The data…

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