Feminism (circa Year 2000)

One from the back catalogue which I suspect still rings true …

Debors Reflections

Feminism – does it still exist?

Now, she says rubbing her hands with glee, a topic that I (along with at least 50% of the population) am extremely well qualified to discuss. Actually, I am probably even more qualified than most, winding my lonely path through a masculine world … I live with three males, I work with three males, I regularly email (emale?) at least three males (a bohemian, a philanthropist and a teller of jokes in bad taste) and I am a member of the generation that grew up with feminism and ‘having it all’. This will necessarily get a bit personal.

I am definitely a feminist. I left school at 16 with every intention of being independent, particularly in the workplace. I’ve been in permanent employment ever since, have always had financial independence and owned a car. It has always been as natural as breathing that I…

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