My visualisation peg board with impressive keying

New Year resolutions are so much easier to keep when they add to life instead of taking away! Last year I learnt I could keep to a plan if it enhances my happiness; in all the years before I discovered by week three of January that I would fail if I had to give up something (chocolate, wine, grumbling at ‘him indoors’, etc).

So, following the stupendous success of 2015’s Happiness Project, I have visualised 2016, quite literally by creating a peg board mind map of how I would like it to look.

I have hung this on the kitchen wall where it will taunt and haunt me for evermore.

Eager to hit the ground running, yesterday I headed off to the Woodland Walk at Cliveden and made a start, hence the photos that should be embedded in this blog if by some miracle I remember how the hell to do so. The theory is that they capture how, in just one hour a week, it is possible to stick to a resolution – in fact, several resolutions!

Thames Path 3

Exploring how to stalk strangers on the Thames Path. Spotted by dog.

As I said at the end of December, I have a one word resolution – that word is


Being me, of course, means that I can’t resist blogging, so this is how the visualisation works…

a) Explore is the title (not very fancy, I admit, but it does the job)

b) Explore creativity (writing, photography, sketching – for a classic example of how I tend to balls up the latter read my blog about ‘Exploring the heavens’). The inspirational sketchbook on my pinboard belongs to http://www.juliareesdesign.co.uk


Unexpected 4

Culture turns up in the most unlikely places


c) Explore books and culture, with the ‘hook’ being a bookmark of my sister’s favourite painting purchased in the shop of Musee d’Orsay. This is the year that I will plan my reading instead of falling into it somewhat haphazardly. Then I can book talk with my relatives! Bet you can’t wait Julie!

d) Explore fitness – walk, don’t run (otherwise I might put my back out again!)

e) Explore friendships, keep in touch and have fun with those I care for most – you know who you are

f) Explore my marriage (Tim, you have been warned!)

g) Explore the world (what it says on the tin)

h) Explore my National Trust membership by making better use of it (this postcard is of the sitting room at Grey’s Court, Maidenhead, my favourite property to date)

Cliveden House 5

National Trust membership – tick – can you spot Cliveden House?

i) Explore my faith (this is an illustration of St. Mary’s Church, Hitcham, where I completed Alpha)

j) Explore the coastal path between Lynton and Minehead, something I have long wanted to do and really should make the effort to achieve this year

k) Explore my career options (this is a tear sheet from an old school book destined for the recycle bin) – this also links with the signpost ‘j’ as I sense I am at a crossroads

l) Explore Paris, I really do want to go back

m) Explore going on a retreat, whether it’s organised or one I plan myself (perhaps linked to ‘e, i and j’ – I do like to multi task where possible)

n) Explore how to meet up with Joe this year, perhaps by returning to Melbourne where he is likely to still be working at the Hotel Windsor – shall I go for the whole of August?

o) Explore South America if I don’t do ‘n’, I really, really would like to walk to this spot with at least one of my boys and I know how it can be done, son, honest – I’ve done the research…

p) Explore relationships, make time for my lovely family

You may notice that there are a few pegs on my visualisation board with nothing attached, that’s because the year should be fluid and ideas can be added or taken away …

Spiral 1

Explore – don’t spiral out of control …

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