December – Boot Camp Perfect

IMG_2110I have very nearly fallen off the wagon – right at the end of a whole year of resolutions, I find myself totally apathetic about November. Though to be honest, it is one of those months at the best of times, right up there with February.

Part of the problem, I think, was the month’s theme ‘keep a contented heart’, which sounds a tad boring compared to some of the other weightier headlines this year. That said, contentment is an underrated virtue, as I realised when asked to define ‘Happiness’ at a Catholic deputy head conference earlier in the month at Salisbury. My immediate response was ‘happiness is contentment’, which then set me thinking back over the whole year of themes when I probably should have been listening to a keynote speaker or someone.

Anyway, the final month of the project is supposed to be ‘Boot Camp Perfect’ when everything learnt in 2015 gets rounded up neatly, dumped in a box labelled Christmas, wrapped in Santa paper and topped with a gaudy bow. This is quite handy, because it gives me something to aim for – the energy to write one great big summing up of this year and what it has taught me about myself and about happiness. Just the thing to keep myself amused one windy December evening.

OK, so I need to get a life.

On that note, do rest assured that I am already thinking about my New Year resolutions for 2016 and am aiming for something nice and simple, traditional and ineffective – I will probably give up chocolate, or wine, with the usual proviso to fail by the end of the first week of January.

Unless anyone who actually reads this blog decides I need further inspiration and buys me the follow up to Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project’, which I know is out there somewhere …

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