September passion


Do you think I over think? Is writing a blog a sign of this or is reflectiveness a strength? I guess it’s all about balance, like so many things in life. September has drawn to an early autumnal close and I find myself travelling once more, wedged into Eurostar with a case stuffed full of things my eldest left behind at the end of his fortnight’s (plus a day or two) visit to the UK.

September was about passion – my passion for learning (sorry Tim). Going back to school has been quite literally at the heart of this objective, with the new academic year bringing its perennial promise of new beginnings as the children (and supporting adults) all move forward in their learning. Whilst focusing on the professional targets of others, I have also carried out intense bursts of activity on my own, with a complex didactic mix of strong self confidence and a total lack of confidence confusing the issue somewhat. 

What else have I learnt? Well, I know for sure that October’s trip to China is going to be an intense and memorable immersion in the culture of a nation that I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I would be fortunate enough to visit. A pretty straight forward application to the British Council has taught me that if you seek you can find – myself and my good friend and colleague Ruth can’t wait to join 78 other senior leaders from British education on this funded adventure of a lifetime.

And what else have I learnt? First of all, the internet is truly the gateway to a world few could have visualised as children growing up in the sixties, and it makes me wonder what lies ahead for my great niece Mia, who was born towards the beginning of my Happiness Project. Somehow I find myself studying a Computing course online, together with one about the European discovery of China – both running simultaneously (not a good idea) and jointly meant to be a focus of my on board reading as I speed across the French countryside. Also not a good idea. There’s no blooming’ wifi.

Finally, I’ve decided to learn a bit more about the heavens, inspired by the month of August, a lopsided blackboard stuck outside the local church and a mail shot sat on the doormat. On the very last day of September I started an Alpha course.  Studying cheese kleptomania was not quite what I expected…

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