September – Pursue a Passion


Setting off to explore Ibiza – one of my more foolish ideas.

One of the biggest compliments ever paid to me was ‘you are the poster girl for lifelong learning’ and it’s true – I have always loved learning. Whether sitting on my grandad’s knee exploring the adventures of ‘Chalkie the Blackboard Boy’ (see my earlier blog about books); teaching a class of youngsters who are hanging on my every word (it does happen – occasionally) or reading voraciously, I do indeed have a never ending fascination for the world about me. Which also links back to ‘August, explore the world’, which until I wrote this I had taken literally, rather than metaphorically.

Anyway, this month’s topic is to ‘pursue a passion’, so hence I have decided to focus on learning. Wow, what a topic! So much to do, so little time – better come up with some headlines.

  • Follow an online study course about ‘The Silk Road’
  • Get the kids at school to teach me some Mandarin (both these topics inspired by next month’s visit to Beijing)
  • Explore what’s involved in an MA in Education via The Open University
  • Get my Bronze Bookworm Award by half term!
  • Study the Ancient Greeks so that I can actually teach it with some sense of authenticity (see ‘hanging on my every word’ comment typed earlier)
  • Pop down to Burnham Library to see what the Arts Festival looks like, given that I’ve submitted a short story, poem and photograph.

It’s going to be a busy month …

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