July – Buy Some Happiness!

Don't rough it!

Don’t rough it!

How hard can this be? A month of spending money, yay! Just as well really, because this whole darn ‘Happiness Project’ has taken a serious dive in the motivation stakes. In June I was supposed to not sell myself short, but it’s difficult to know whether I have or not. Only time will tell. I did try, honest. In the meantime, I have sunk a little into the doldrums (love that word!), probably because I’m not ending the academic year where I had hoped to be. On the plus side, Number One son has decided to honour us with his presence for two weeks in September, though I sense that ‘presence’ will be a little fleeting as he fits in the old folks around his pals in Plymouth, Copenhagen and Berlin. Not to mention more than a few in Burnham.

Anyway, before you know it, another month has come round. But at least this one turns into the summer holidays two thirds of the way through! That has to make it one of the best months! On that note I’ve started as I mean to go on and parted with some dosh which inevitably will lead to happiness – car parking tickets for our long awaited girlie break in Beziers from 19th to 24th July (and I am delighted this is one holiday I won’t spend alone!) (all being well that is – the cynic in me still paid an extra £1.49 cancellation insurance); and return train tickets to Somerset to spend a few days with one of my, quite literally, oldest friends.

Bring it on!

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