How can this be?

Reflections of the month so far.

Reflections of the month so far.

I realise this will shock and appal my legions of readers – I didn’t even make it to the shortlist for the World Nomads Travel Scholarship. Does this warrant the title ‘Epic Fail’? Or shall I console myself with the knowledge it was fun trying and that I must surely have made the ‘shortlist for the shortlist’?

The ‘dress rehearsal’ for solo travel was a life changing experience in itself when I headed off for Amsterdam – now I know I can venture abroad on my own and even have a good time doing so, then I will have the courage to do so again. This was also a lesson I can share with others – try this one yourself whilst there is still someone to come home to.

Secondly, crafting, re-drafting and reviewing my writing has been an education, bringing with it a surprising amount of ‘job satisfaction’. Finally, honing my photographic skills for the accompanying illustrations has been absorbing and will continue to be so.

Which brings me back to what this month is supposed to be about. ‘Don’t sell yourself short’. Other than this being a little mantra that has run through the back of my mind occasionally, I haven’t really achieved much. But there is still time.

Next Monday at 9.30am is ahead of deadline, isn’t it?

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One Response to How can this be?

  1. Paulette Morris says:

    My interpretation of selling yourself short is not related to achievement, but to how well you present yourself in the first place. So, working on the assumption that your submission for the scholarship followed the published criteria, then it is unlikely that you sold yourself short.


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