March – survived or not?


I was feeling quite confident that I’d got through March without Tim cottoning on that it was the ‘make time for love’ month – and now my cover is about to be blown. Shock. Horror. His drinking buddy Gary has asked for my blog address! Never fear, I’ve borrowed time by saying it will be published on FB in due course, with any luck by the time it is Gary will forget to check (or should I delete him as a friend?). (Can’t do that.) (Haven’t got many.) Which reminds me, wasn’t I planning to revise the use of punctuation within brackets?

Of course, I realise you will all be absolutely desperate to know if I managed to survive March. To be fair, it was a pretty good month, even though at one point Tim commented with a quizzical expression ‘we seem to be spending rather a lot of time together recently’, which wouldn’t have been quite so bad if he’d looked even mildly pleased about it. I’ve tried hard to show my gratitude to my other half – I distinctly remember praising him for the posh green tea he bought with little silken bags and the piece of cotton you drape over the edge of the mug. And I did get us a four poster bed for our overnighter in Poole, even if at its foot was the worst ever picture hanging on the wall. On the other hand, it is only fair to record for posterity that the guest house offered probably the best breakfast we’ve had in any accommodation (on par with Joe’s Hotel Windsor in Melbourne – and they didn’t offer steak with eggs), with my smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and asparagus ‘par excellence’. Anyway, those of you who also follow my FB page will know that we enjoyed a ‘Date Night’, albeit him indoors insisted on flirting with a blond yummy mummy before the theatre, en route to the theatre and within the theatre. And probably in the foyer when he nipped out for a nifty fag half way through.

Anyway, we made it all the way to last Friday night with me thinking he’s not so bad after all and it’s important not to take one’s other half for granted, etcetera, when he blew it. Or should I use another verb that rhymes with ‘blew’ to describe what he did over our brand new sofa after a night out with the boys? As Tom pointed out, he’s never heard me quite so angry first thing on a Saturday morning, but when I explained why I knew I had his total sympathy. And Timothy is now paying atonement for at least  the month of April …

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4 Responses to March – survived or not?

  1. Paula Taylor says:

    Oh dear, it was all going so well 😔


  2. Paulette says:

    do you need to make use of our summerhouse (for Tim)?


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