Aim higher – February draws to a close

Enjoy the fun of failure

Ask for help


Enjoy now

Those were the objectives for February; how did I get on? Well, I certainly focused on work and certainly enjoyed a fair bit of failure along the way – and that part wasn’t necessarily ‘fun’. That said, I asked for help (which I am usually reluctant to do – I know it all, right?) and learnt masses from the responses, all of which should reduce the chances of ‘failure’ in the future. I worked SMART and am busy learning new words and actions for the acronym,  an on going challenge because I’ve forgotten all of them already!

Finally, I tried very hard to take each day at a time, which is all about ‘enjoying now’. Some of those days were directly work related, and some were inevitably more enjoyable than others, but several were about recharging for work and helping me to ‘climb higher’ by recharging the old batteries. Our short break, a last minute decision to visit Madeira, was an outstanding success. With the glorious sunshine, deep blue sky and lots of opportunities to try out the new camera, I switched off from work totally for five days, barely giving it a moment’s thought. That has to be the most brilliant aspect of my career – a break from the school environment comes round every six weeks or so (note I do not make the mistake of saying a ‘break from work’ – I always spend some of the ‘holiday’ working) and, providing you manage your time effectively, you can have it all. Work and play. And that is a skill I have learnt well over the 12 years of my teaching career.

1.Initimate moment

The best advice I ever received was to break up the ‘holiday’ into specified work days and designate the remainder as ‘recharge’ days – otherwise it is a career that can break the back of even the most efficient, capable teachers. In recent years I have also developed the philosophy that I must leave my home environment for a few of the days, otherwise I invariably get sucked back into the ‘school work’ grind. Or worse still, the ironing.

Managing that work/life balance is absolutely essential for true happiness.

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