Multitask hobbies

All I can say is it’s a good job my ‘hobbies’ all neatly overlap, I can use a three hour slot to crack through all of ’em …

Boulters Lock photoshoot

Boulters Lock photoshoot

Picture editing
Social media

My new camera is the bee’s knees (bet you haven’t heard that phrase for decades) but it’s never going to be easy to learn. So, I’ve decided I need to be focused about this and set myself one LO each week (for the non teachers amongst my hoards of blogging fans, that stands for Learning Objective). This week I decided to experiment with the focus and creative auto setting (the latter sits neatly under the manual button on the camera, so you can kid yourself you’re getting the hang of this photography lark, but in reality it is an auto setting which simply blurs the background). I think that’s called an oxymoron. Or maybe it’s me that’s the moron.

Anyway, take a look at my latest efforts and feel free to give me any technical tips. The ‘reading’ bit of the multitasking involves the camera manual, iPad issue of Practical Photography and a neat little book that fits in my camera bag. The ‘travel’ is the drive to Maidenhead (next stop Devon – or anywhere we can come up with for Feb half term that is cheap); the picture editing is uploading onto WordPress and then downloading onto the iPad to fiddle about with the free photoretouching apps; the rest should be self explanatory. Particularly the chocolate.

CA love composition,need to recreate with birds in focus

CA love composition, need to recreate with birds in focus

CA, blur, not bad if I say so myself

CA, blur, not bad if I say so myself

CA, shot through wire, focus good (how, I ask myself)

CA, good spot focus, again through wire, the more I look at this the more I like it!

Creative auto (CA), blur b’gd 1

HOW THE HELL DO I GET THESE PICS TO SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER LIKE ON THE LAST BLOG? Creative auto, blur b’gd 2, which is the best shot?


CA, download and crop the left, not bad but more by luck than judgement…


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