Creativity knows no bounds

The Happiness Project drifts along, with the emphasis on the different aspects not quite as anticipated – and it’s only day 10. The ‘update the CV’ clause has gone totally out of control, spinning into the stratosphere for reasons which cannot be shared with the world. (There is a world out there isn’t there? Blog followers, are you real?). Meanwhile, clearing out ‘stuff’ was reduced to three bits of paper moving from my in tray to my bin without being actioned in between.

As for the ‘don’t go more than two days without exercising’, I’m presuming a dance warm up with Year 6 counts when multiplied by two classes – I consider it a result that none of them complained about strutting to ‘Hang Up’ by Kylie!

Which leaves the creativity. And boy was I feeling smug this morning when I managed to avoid Facebook and set up my new camera instead. All that touch screen stuff was a doddle, the lens attached neatly and the battery charged efficiently.

So why won’t the shutter release and actually take a photo?

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