Act the way you want to feel


This is one of my appallingly named ‘Great Truths’, and possibly the only one that is totally new to me – all the others are concepts I’ve tried to work on in one way or another at some stage in my life. Being new, of course, means it is totally untested – until last Saturday, that is.

Having just returned from a relaxing New Year break in the stunning Warwickshire countryside, with two days to go before the manic return to work (how I hate pitch black January mornings when the moonlight rises just enough muster to illuminate the dense frost enveloping my Fiesta), I awoke on Saturday morning with a sense of dread. The suitcase had been dumped on the bed in the spare room, which was still strewn with Tom’s Christmas gifts; the tree was definitely beginning to wilt; the fridge was bare and random ‘stuff’ seemed to lie all over the house – our typical festive detritus. A mere 48 hours lay ahead to restore order and I really, really couldn’t be bothered. What I really, really wanted to do was go to Slough (I know how to live) and buy my belated present from Tim – a compact system camera I’d set my heart on. How could I possibly justify taking time out to collect from ‘reserved’ when I had so much work to do?

Then the mantra crept into my mind. Act the way you want to feel. Time to give it a whirl – if I told myself I was full of energy, powered up for action and all set to go, surely I could have it all? It’s stretching it a bit to claim I leapt out of bed, but once I emerged from under the quilt I did set to with gusto. Starting with putting on the heating – it was bl**** freezing! I had a nasty, guilty feeling that not only had we abandoned Tom over the New Year to an empty fridge, we just might have switched off the heating on the way out!

Anyway, as I sit there blogging at the end of the day I was patting myself on the back – the candles were lit, the kitchen was tidy, bags were unpacked and I had even managed some ironing. Best of all, there was a brand new shiny box sat right next to me, waiting to be explored …

Check out the Canon EOS M compact SLR

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