January – Boost Energy


Basically this is about getting organised and feeling energised as a result. So, on my resolution chart for January I have these key objectives:

Clear out ‘stuff’ No more than two days without exercise Update the CV Be more creative

A new year is always a time for bundling old clothes into charity bags (ideally because all the bargains you bought in the sales need space in your wardrobe), so I am aiming to take this one step further – for every new piece of ‘stuff’ (be that a book, ornament or tee shirt), at least one equivalent piece must be thrown out. Backpackers have this down to a fine art, if Joe is anything to go by. But this is a tough one for me as I am a hoarder by nature. I have made a reasonable start – four new tops meant five went in the charity bag – but the real test will be with the books.

Next, go no more than two days without exercise. I rather like this phrase as I think it will stick with me better than ‘exercise three times a week’. By exercise I mean a schedule when my heart rate is raised considerably over a period of at least 20 minutes, which is roughly how long it takes me to ‘run’ 2.5km (stop laughing Joe, I have put the word ‘run’ in inverted commas).

Update the CV is all about feeling energised by putting your career past and career present in order. You never know when you might need it! And guess what, I’ve already achieved this one (though it will need reviewing). Five hours worth, would you believe, of hunting out old CVs and making sure the dates add up, took care of the past; another three hours has drafted out the present. But it was a chore well worth doing because boy, do I feel energised! If the perfect job crops up (or, more likely, if I get the sack), I will be ready! Ready to go!

Be more creative is what this blog is about for starters – so I am trying to follow an online tutorial so that I can do it better. I’ve got to a pretty basic level over the past year or so, but then I’ve got stuck. Of course, the cynic in me says this is precisely what WordPress want to happen, so that they can then sell you lots of add ons to make your blogging more effective. But, at least for the time being, the online tutorial is free.

The dilemma about where to stick the chart (behave – kindly refrain from telling me where to stick it) was solved by blue tacking it discreetly to my office wall. Where, of course, it was instantly spotted by an observant colleague (sensibly I’d adjusted the CV column title) …

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