12 months of resolutions


This has to be the most daunting blog ever, simply because I am surely setting myself up to fail! That said, one of the best things about Gretchen’s book and why I find it so inspiring, is that she failed at her Happiness Project time and time again. But, just like when you fall off the diet wagon for a day, if you get back on it the next, over a period of time the weight does drop off (cue smug recollection of my 2013 success with Weight Watchers!).

What you are supposed to do at this point is set yourself an overarching¬†aim for each month and then break it down into small, objective driven tasks. A bit like learning objectives and success criteria (if any of my teacher buddies happen to be following this blog, thank you, at least you know what I’m banging on about!).

I’m not convinced I can do this in one writing session even when sat in an inspiring, delightful cottage just outside Stratford Upon Avon (thanks, Gerry), but if I can’t get going here then I never will. Luckily I have the book sat right next to me, so yet again I can ‘magpie’ ideas, then schedule this blog to appear bang smack in the middle of a working week so that you all think I have nothing better to do!

Once back at work the s*** invariably hits the fan, so any personal development will inevitably take a back seat unless I use this perfect moment effectively. So, here goes.

January: Boost energy

February: Aim higher

March: Remember love

April: Lighten up

May: Be serious about play

June: Make time for friends

July: Buy some happiness

August: Explore the world and the heavens

September: Pursue a passion

October: Pay attention

November: Keep a contented heart

December: Boot Camp perfectIMG_1718.JPG

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