Great Truths – my mantra to live by

OK, so now I need to come up with my own ‘splendid truths’. Being a bit perverse about these things, I’m going to give them my own title so it doesn’t look like I’m cribbing from Gretchen all the time. So, being totally original and creative, I’ve given mine their own name.

Great truths

As you can see, my creativity knows no bounds. Incidentally, I have stolen some of my truths from Gretchen, simply because they are too damn good to let go.

  1. The days are long but the years are short (in other words, time runs away without us realising it on a daily basis)
  2. Feel the fear but do it anyway (I’ve got better at this, but still need to build my self confidence)
  3. Be true to myself (be Debbie, don’t waste time trying to be someone else)
  4. Act the way I want to feel (‘pretending’ to be cheerful often has the effect of making you feel cheerful)
  5. The only person I can change is myself (so stop trying to change Tim!)
  6. Do not give in too much to feelings (don’t be oversensitive)

I think you’re now meant to create some sort of chart with these on them, but I figure a screen grab of the blog page will suffice. Mustn’t take myself too seriously about this!

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