Planning to hit the blog big time!

Six pages in You Magazine (only the mag, I promise I’m not a Mail reader) tells me that bloggers become millionaires! Admittedly, the ones they feature are stylish, sleek and stunning with names like Ella and Poppy, but surely there’s a market for decrepit, dull and deserted empty nesters with names like Debbie?

So, I’ve sent my blog address to someone out there who compiles them into a BIG blog about blogs (yes, I know, I really should get a life), just to see what happens. To be considered you have to have written at least ten blogs, check, have a web address, check (does free of charge WordPress count?) and have a hash tag.

Ah. Better look into that one – sounds illegal …

ps My sincere apologies for the amateur design of this blog – I am learning as I go along, and am not very good at looking at the help pages. I am one of those irritating people who just has to ‘crash her way through’ and hopefully learn a little along the way!

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