“I feel like Princess Diana. There are three people in this marriage,” Tim complained as Leo took yet another photo call. So, how is Sydney and our time alone? Sydney is stunning, thrilling and strangely familiar all at the same time. We’re cramming so much in that I’m only going to provide details on request! Here is a whistle stop summary:

Day 1
Arrive just after midnight, cab driver clearly worried about leaving us at badly identified address.
Key fitted the unnumbered door, phew.
Brunch in trendy Kirribilli bar.
Walked across Harbour Bridge (for free, kept to the pavement – I have the utmost admiration for those who walk over the top but I wouldn’t do it if you paid me).
Multi 3 purchased for 63 bucks apiece – that’s transport sorted for the week.
Circled Circular Quay several times, serenaded by didgeridoos.
Meandered around the market in The Rocks.
 Were stunned by an impromptu firework display over Sydney Opera House, some millionaire with money to burn apparently.

Day 2
Did my first morning run, under the bridge to Luna Park and then along the shore to jetty.
Free day out!
Packed a picnic and took the ferry to Manly.
Strolled along the promenade to Shelly Beach.
Everyone and their wives enjoying the sunshine.
Loved it!

Day 3
Explored the locality.
Witnessed a hit and run.
Leo took a photo call.
Challenged Tim to the Wharf Race. Lost.
Visited The Rocks Museum (free) and took another ferry to Cockatoo Island (also free – Sydney can be done on a budget).
Noodle Night at local hostelry.

Day 4
Off to the Blue Mountains!
Took the train out of Sydney to Katoomba (using our travel pass for the two hour journey) and then the Trolley Bus.
Walked through the National Park, taking the Prince Henry route. The most awesome walk of my life, Tim’s number one too.
Rode the rides at Scenic World – skylink, steepest railway in the world, cable run.
Fish and chips, plus CSI, at 49a

Day 5
Re routed my run in the opposite direction through the streets to Kirribilli Wharf. Is Kirribilli House the PM’s residence? Must check.
Love my breakfasts in the sun on a balcony with a million dollar view! What a bargain this place was, can forgive the dodgy hot water, lack of central heating and quirky coffee machine.
Tried out sample of make up in Australian Woman’s Weekly and asked Tim what he thought. He said I reminded him of the Dad’s Army episode where they tried to make themselves look younger by using embalming fluid.
Scrubbed off make up.
CCTV being checked by authorities re hit and run.
Lunch at Nick’s on Darling Harbour – thanks mum!
Climbed a lighthouse, vertigo returned with a vengeance, thought one of the seniors would have to talk me down.
Our night out at The Sydney Opera House! ‘Not about heroes’. Truly memorable performance.

Day 6
Only cloudy morning to date, caught the train with flippy seats and the bendy bus to…
… Bondi!
Sky cleared, watched the surfers.
Disappointing lack of budgie smugglers 😦
Cappuccino and chips (we’re classy) in the sunshine at Circular Quay.
Managed to lose Tim so popped into the MCA.
Collapsed into a leather bean bag and watched a hypnotic black and white art installation involving mushrooms growing and waving about.
At least I think they were mushrooms.
Shopped in the Rocks and walked back across the bridge (fifth or sixth time).
Lazy night in, birdsong strange and distinctive.
Weather forecast depressingly ominous for our next adventure, could drown on The Great Ocean Road…

Day 7
Planning to go shopping – need to lose Tim big time!

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