Run Melbourne 2014

Almost beat Joe! The stats tell the story – I completed my race in exactly 40 minutes; my 24 year old son pipped me at the post with 38.17. So close! He almost got to buy me dinner!

Of course, there’s statistics and there’s damn statistics (a famous quote to that effect escapes me – do comment if you know it). My race was 5 km; DS no. 1 competed in the 10 km.

I was pretty pleased with myself and am still wearing the medal with pride many hours later as we take the four hour flight to Cairns. It was an amazing experience with thousands running on a beautiful early spring morning, clear and crisp – perfect running conditions. Given that it took 25 minutes for me to make it to the start line for my ‘wave’, you get some idea of the sheer number of people involved, many in fancy dress or wearing tee shirts supporting their chosen charity; others in overcoats, pushing buggies. Have since realised I should’ve been closer to the front, as most of those I started with were walkers who I had to work my way round. Drat. That cost me at least one minute 44 seconds.

The route took us to the edge of the Botanical Gardens; through some of the ‘posher’ streets, down to the Yarra River; across a Victorian bridge festooned with giant inflatable, neon coloured ‘arms’ waving frantically from their turbine charged wind machine; through a cloud of soap bubbles; past various street musicians playing drums and other inspirational tunes; alongside the Rod Laver Arena before we finally hit the home straight. Time for another burst of speed! I did it!

So, the real stats:

Only 10% of those running were in my age division and I was in the top half of that age bracket (those of you who know the numbers know; the rest of you will never be told…). In my division was I placed 120 out of 382. My overall position in the whole 5km race was 2546! Still searching for the total number who ran to help put that in perspective. In training my personal best was 46 minutes for 4.5km, so clearly on the day the adrenaline (and brand new go-faster socks) took me to the limit.

Impressed? I thought so. But what follows will really make your chin hit the floor …

In the 10km Joe finished in 34th place out of 7173 runners!

Speechless …

… and we were total failures as parents because we didn’t anticipate him being so damn good and weren’t at the finish line in time!20140727-213501-77701106.jpg

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3 Responses to Run Melbourne 2014

  1. Paulette Morris says:

    “There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
    ― Benjamin Disraeli

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  2. Paula says:

    Well done Deb and Joe. I am sure although you are paying you will take great pleasure in enjoying a meal with your No 1 Son. Enjoy as you so deserve it. Xx


  3. Oh go the Warriors bro


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