Travelling ‘Down Under’ – Preparation

I’ve decided not to post on Facebook (well, not much – it’s so damn addictive) whilst on our Summer 2014 adventure to visit Joe. No, I figure my vast army of fans will far prefer to read something more substantial in a Blog. This way you get to choose whether or not you want to know if my marriage survives 23 days of being thrown together – knowing us, there will be some pretty stressful moments along the way that will either make you smile wryly (‘Ah, Deb and Tim – never a dull moment’) or send your eyebrows to the ceiling at the sheer randomness of my ramblings.

For the benefit of those of you who don’t already know, Tim and I are off to Melbourne to visit Joe, the first time we will have met up since Easter last year when we toured the South Island of NZ together. Thomas, you will note, has chosen not to join us (surely nothing to do with the trauma of flying long haul with his parents?) and is housesitting/debunking to Turkey/Legolanding in our absence. Wise lad.

Anyway, if you click somewhere on this blog you can ‘follow’ our adventures – yep, lucky people, every new blog I post will be sent automatically to your email inbox. Or spam box. First up is this very blog – all part of my master plan to avoid boredom on the flight. I do appreciate that Cathay Pacific is likely to provide inflight entertainment, but just in case we get sat in front of a duff screen I like to be prepared. Not to mention all those hours sat round in departure lounges. So, do feel free to comment – have I prepared enough options for light relief?

Write blog

Proof read blog

Work out how to post blessed blog

Online course with OU about making presentations (starts 21/7, perfect timing)

A little bit of sewing

Various notebooks to write in, cuttings from travel brochures, Pritt stick (Gerry, remember Eurostar?!)

Manicure set and nail varnish

Paperback – ‘Life after Life’, Kate Atkinson

Ed Sheeran’s latest album – X, deluxe version, 66 minutes sorted

iPad with a variety of downloads

Kindle with slightly less downloads

Camera manual for underwater gizmo loaned by bro in law

Travel guides for Melbourne and Sydney

Several Guardian supplements to browse through

Leo, the Year 2 stuffed dog who I can photograph in a variety of compromising positions

Tim, husband, whom I can also photograph in a variety of compromising positions

Oh, and eye mask just in case I manage to fall asleep, which on a 12 hour flight departing at 6.20 pm is quite possibly a good idea.

Exhausted already – I think I need a holiday…

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3 Responses to Travelling ‘Down Under’ – Preparation

  1. Paula says:

    Have fun, look forward to regular updates


    • Internet patchy so far, can almost excuse No. 1 son his poor communication skills! So good to see him, but surprised how different he looks (in a good way, I hasten to add).


      • Paula Taylor says:

        Ah glad you are there safe and sound and managed to hug your boy, I can imagine it felt really good. Hope the run goes well. Xx


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